Program & Project Management

AMW have been providing program and project management services to Defence, Government and Industry for over 16 years.

AMW has a proven track record of delivering quality specialist program and project management services and deliverables; we are currently delivering successful business outcomes to Commonwealth customers nationally.

Specialist program and project management services provided by AMW include:

  • Program/Project Management
  • Risk & Issues
  • Scheduling
  • Transition Management
  • Data & Configuration Management
  • Costing

AMW maintains active professional memberships including AIPM Silver Corporate membership, Australian Industry Defence Network (AIDN) (the AMW General Manager is the on board of directors for AIDN Canberra), International Council On Systems Engineering (INCOSE), and the Australian Computer Society, ensuring our team stays up to date with contemporary and current practices and procedures.

Demonstrated Experience

AMW has provided continual support to ISREW-M since its establishment in 2003. Over this time AMW have provided a range of services including delivery of integrated work packages for Nulka through the following services:

  • Program and product development and management support across SEA1397-5A, SEA1397-5B, SEA1397-5C, SEA1397-5D and SEA1397-6 portfolio of projects
  • Develop and maintain the project and program management plans
  • Manage the SEA1397-5 series budget
  • Maintain the SEA1397-5C contractor GFM List
  • Review and provide comments on contractor delivered CDRLs
  • Perform tender activities for SEA1397-5C, including support to:
    • Develop tender and tender approval documents
    • Conduct tender evaluations, including source evaluation report
    • Develop contract negotiation directive and conduct tender negotiations
    • Management of the resultant contract

AMW has been providing project management support services to the Multi-National Information Sharing (MNIS) capability since 2016.  Services provided under this contract includes planning, monitoring and controlling MNIS capability across the Capability Life Cycle (CLC), development of the CLC Gate 0, 1 and 2 business case documentation and supporting artefacts in accordance with the CLC Framework, the development of program establishment documentation in line with the Managing Successful Programmes (MSP) Framework and delivery agreed capability outcomes and commitments made to Defence, key traditional allied and non-traditional mission partners, and Whole of Government communities.

AMW provides a team of project managers to support and manage a range of innovation projects at various stages of the innovation lifecycle within the Defence Innovation Hub.

AMW are providing the transformation management services to deliver the JACKSTAY program across all the various stakeholder and platform organisations (36 Ships managed by 10 different support organisations) as well as working with the end users to ensure acceptance.

Provision of project management services to oversee and coordinate the implementation of the upgrade to the AME in support of Defence Strategic Communication Branch (DSCB). AMW delivered the project management documentation to implement the upgraded capability into production within 8 months.

AMW provided services to identify and initiate service improvement initiatives, analyse and report on business, project and service levels, and negotiate cost/performance trade-offs in relation to the Air Traffic Management Control System. Our team were accountable to plan and manage a range of human and physical resources and exercise the associated people and financial responsibilities to achieve business outcomes. Both personnel took accountability for achieving outcomes and progressing work, reviewing team and business performance and focussing on identifying areas for continuous improvement. We were responsible for the development, implementation, compliance and review of policies within the Directorate’s management framework.

AMW provided commercial, project management and integrated logistics support services to support the procurement of the fast response boats, facilities works and the procurement process to implement long term support contracts including financial management and commercial activities for the Australian Border Force (ABF), now Home Affairs.

The provision of project management and integrated logistics support services supporting the upgrade of the air defence Evolved Sea Sparrow Missile fitted to the ANZAC Class frigates and Air Warfare Destroyers through a combined first and second pass approval. AMW have been proving ongoing support to this project since 2015.

AMW provided capability development management and project management services to JP2064 to conduct project management and coordination activities, guidance and knowledge transfer, project planning, and project documentation to assist Defence in managing the implementation activities for JP2064 Ph3 Evolution 1.

AMW provided project management support services to the quality management system design and implementation program. Services included:

  • Prepare and implement risk management documentation;
  • Develop and Documenting business solutions to mitigate and/or manage the identified risks;
  • Reviewing and maintaining Risk Management, Communications and Governance plans; and
  • Producing briefs, communications and templates.

The provision of configuration and maintenance system administration services to provide quality assurance for database records, maintenance policy documentation for AMPS and Configuration Management Tool – Maritime (CMT-M) and the quality control measures to data for CBS load, including CBS Data Packet Integrity and fault rectification.

The provision of capability definition documents development to reach 2nd pass Government approval for Land 500 PH1 – to remediate the Land Tactical Electronic Warfare (EW) capability.

AMW provided the Enterprise Risk Assessment for Transpower New Zealand inclusive of

  • the implementation of Risk DNA technology across Transpower New Zealand Limited to reduce risk across the enterprise,
  • Review current risk management systems, processes and procedures operated in each division
  • Assessment of current state and identification of capabilities required for future state
  • Understanding of Transpower objectives/strategy
  • SWOT analysis of available methodologies/tools and cost analysis
  • Implementation of new methodology and risk management tool

AMW has provided many consultants in support of the RPDE program, including engineering and project SMEs for the following tasks and quicklook activities:

  • Core Team members including Activity Managers, ICT support and Analysts including Capability Analyst, Technical Analyst and Technical Writer to provide support to the RPDE team to efficiently deliver reports to Defence
  • QL137 – Amphibious Warfare
  • QL134 – JP9101 Enhanced High Frequency Communication System
  • QL126 – Joint Fires in the Exploratory Force
  • QL103 – SEA5000 – Future Frigate
  • QL102 – Accelerated Acquisition 1st to 2nd Pass Study
  • QL075 – Energy Requirements for Forward Operating Bases
  • QL057 – Collins Class Submarine LAN Networks
  • QL055 – CIOG IDA Layer
  • QL023 – ADF Electronic Warfare Capability Development Strategy
  • T057 – AIR5405 Air Battle Management (ABM) System Study
  • T039 – Internet Text Messaging on AEW&C Aircraft
  • T025 – IED Detection
  • T024 – System Assurance Task
  • T013 – Networked ASW

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