Corporate & Commercial

AMW is involved in the development and management of corporate services, including service support contracts, RFT development and evaluation, procurement services and delivery of training packages to Defence and Government.

The specialist corporate and commercial services provided by AMW include:

  • Procurement and Contracting
  • Tender Development
  • Compliance Assurance
  • Learning and Development
  • Quality Management
  • Business Analysis

Demonstrated Experience

Provision of a team to undertake the management for the In- Service Support (ISS) contract for the Cape Class Patrol Boat (CCPB) Project since 2015. AMW has been providing engineering, maintenance and supply support of the CCPBs and associated systems/subsystems.

AMW provided project management support services to the quality management system design and implementation program of the 1QMS program, services included:

  • Preparation and implement risk management documentation
  • Development and documentation of business solutions to mitigate and manage the identified risks
  • Reviewing and maintaining risk management, communications and governance plans

Provision of governance services to SPO and CASG reform implementation to support the transition of all SPOs across CASG to implement a new operating model for the CASG and FPR reforms, including the new Capability Life Cycle, the relevant elements of the CASG business framework, and bring about capacity to support the new White Paper requirements. AMW provided direct assistance to the SPO to analyse their business, review the supplier engagement model, conduct workforce analysis, identify appropriate enterprise boundaries, optimal sustainment and acquisition resourcing, and collectively deliver a validated design and implementation plan to progress.

The provision of a team of FP ECM trainers to develop, deliver, quality assure and continuously improve FP ECM operator, supervisor and manager training under the supervision Communications Systems Manager (CSM) at the Defence Force School of Signals (DFSS).

Provision of business analyst services to develop the service catalogue and service level management processes, and the design and maintenance of the Service Catalogue and SLAs.

Provided a team of business analysts and technical writers in the initial phase to gather business requirements, develop project documentation including functional specifications and conduct stakeholder engagement for Defence’s Joint Project 2047 Phase 3 Defence Terrestrial Communications.

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