Authoring & Writing

In support of our core capabilities, AMW provides specialist authoring and technical writing services to Defence and Government.

We have successfully delivered the development and publication of websites and newsletters for Defence and delivered technical manuals and instructions to a variety of projects within Defence.

AMW is currently providing the following services:

  • Proofreading
  • Technical Writing
  • Publication Authoring
  • Intranet and Internet website creation and administration

Demonstrated Examples

AMW provided publication and technical writing services to the Office of the Capability Coordinator – Geospatial Information (OCC-GI). The team had responsibility for compiling, editing and publishing a quarterly newsletter for organisation and for the maintenance of the existing standards baseline through the identification of the future information and technology standards needs. This work is allowing OCC-GI staff to focus on providing meaningful technical advice to the 200+ capability projects across Defence.

AMW provide numerous members to the core team at RPDE inclusive of the Core Analyst team incorporating capability analysts, technical analysts and technical writers that provided support to the RPDE team to efficiently deliver reports to Defence.

AMW provide website publication services for the website simplification and improvement initiative for Commercial Policy and Practice Division. This included the generation of new intranet pages for the updated intranet site through Microsoft Sharepoint to replicate existing content on the extant intranet pages, resolving link mapping issues to ensure no links on the updated intranet site direct to the extant intranet site, maintain stocktaking and progress tracking spreadsheets to display the tracking of extant intranet pages and responding to and actioning feedback on the new intranet pages from users and project team members.

The provision of technical writing services to deliver enhanced Counter Measures Development & Validation (CMD&V) capability to the Land Cell within the Joint Electronic Warfare Operational Support Unit (JEWOSU) through the development and delivery of technical manuals and instructions for CMD&V specialist electronics. Other deliverables included Complete Equipment Schedules (CES’), Repair Parts Scale (RPS’) and Electrical, Mechanical Engineering Instructions (EMEIs) for prime mission systems and vehicle kits, and User Handbooks for prime mission systems.

The provision of technical writing services to produce Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Knowledge Based Articles (KBA) for USG, Military Message Handling System and Deployable Wide Area Network projects within the Defence Strategic Communications Branch (DSCB).

Provision of publication and technical writing services to support the development of the 2015-16 Major Projects Report (MPR) a public report on the 26 Defence equipment acquisition projects, which are post-Second Pass Approval, and associated sustainment activities.

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